About Philavania

Philavanians are under the impression that the Delaware Valley is the center of the Universe. In this respect, we are right. We got the Birds, we got the World Phuckin' Champion Fightin's, we got cheesesteaks and soft pretzels and hoagies and Tastykakes and all sorts of stuff nobody else has. We're kinda crappy but kinda awesome.

We never forget where we're from. We were losers for all those years (we're still trying to get over not being losers anymore) but we kept our heads up and stayed proud.

We get in fights at Eagles games with anybody wearing anything that remotely resembles Cowboys paraphernalia. When we find out that it's not a Cowboys fan but a horse-mounted state police officer, we still ask him if he's a Cowboys fan in a threatening manner.

We show up in the thousands to away games in cities like Tampa, San Diego, Phoenix and Minneapolis. We make so much noise that the other team's fans look around and say to their friends "where the hell are these guys coming from?"

We used to go to Eagles games with our grandfather when we were 6 years old. We remember yelling at Cowboys fans even then. We also remember that guy in section 301 of the Vet with the beard in the tie-dyed overalls who started the E-A-G-L-E-S chant. May he rest in peace, and may his voice be heard for 100 years more.

We remember Harry Kalas. We've spent hundreds of hours talking to our friends in our best Harry Kalas impersonation. We loved that guy. We miss him terribly, but we're so damn happy he got to call that final out before he himself was outtahere. We think Harry would like that joke.

We love our city, we love our people, and we're proud of all of it--the good and the bad.

We make t-shirts for people who feel the way we do. Who know that Winning is for the Birds, no matter which way you read it.

Philavania is not affiliated with any team or sports organization.
We are, on the other hand, affiliated with all Philavanians. Which means you.