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  • Funny 4th of July story

    10 July, 2013



    Had a French friend in town for the 4th. We were driving around center city and I wanted to show him Independence Hall, so I told him to pull out a hundred dollar bill. “Holy sheet! Zat’s the place! Zee place on ze back!”

    He jokingly holds the bill up and waves it in someone’s face… (in a french accent) “Excuse me, can somebody give me directions to find zis place? Anyone can help me pleeze?” (As he waves a hundred dollar bill in the air on a crowded downtown street)

    Moral of the story: Philly is on the HUNDRED! That’s the biggest bill there is, money don’t get no bigger than that!

    Lesson #2: No one stole the bill, they all thought it was hilarious.

    Lesson #3: Why the shit is Boston the “patriot” city — WE should be owning all that America stuff instead of them!
    America was born HERE!  Not in Boston, or New York, or Washington DC.  She was born in Philadelphia, just like you and me!

    Get your act together, Philavania! Take back America!  And we don’t mean bullshit redneck guns & wars America, we mean Old School Patriotic Red White & Blue Flag Wavin’ America the Beautiful America!


    And happy birthday, Good Ol’ US of A.

    We love yous!

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  • A Brief History of Phillies & Moustaches

    30 March, 2013

    Inspired by the new ‘stache that Cole Hamels will be sporting on Opening Day, we’ve decided to take a look back at some of the magnificent mustaches that Phillies’ legends have sported in years past.  From the traditional souvarov styles of the 1800s to the sexy handle bar looks of the 70’s, there have truly been some outstanding triumphs of facial throughout Phils history.

    PhilsMoustache Ben Sanders Joe Mulvey Sarge Steve Carlton Nino Espinosa Warren Brusstar Juan Samuel Bake McBride Mike Schmidt Steve Jeltz Garry Maddox John Denny Larry Andersen Mitch Wiliams Inky Doug Glanville Sal Fasano Cole Hamels Cole Hamels2



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  • Bring It Back

    6 February, 2013

    Plenty of excitement has riled up recently surrounding the return of to Kelly Green uniforms.  The timing is perfect, with Chip Kelly now at the helm and a team desperate for rejuvenation, this team needs SOMETHING to reignite the diehard passion of this city.   Though it may seem silly, just a color scheme on a helmet, Kelly Green means just a bit more to us.

    Kelly Green is nostalgia, it’s the memories we’ve held onto since our childhood.  It’s that Randall Cunningham jersey we’ve left hanging in our closet since we were 12 years old.  The one we wore to our first game at the Vet, during  our first E-A-G-L-E-S chant in the nosebleed seats and even during our first fight with a scumbag Cowgirls fan.  It’s the color of posters on our bedroom walls, the ridiculous sweater and Zubaz pants our fathers dawned on game day.  It’s a bright color, full of hope and pride, maybe obnoxious to some NFL fans, but perfect in our eyes.

    It’s the legacy of the “Gang Green” Defense.  The memories of Reggie White, Jerome Brown and Andre Waters.

    It’s Philadelphia.

    We love our city, we love our Birds, we love Kelly Green.

    It’s our color, bring it back.


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  • Our Hero….

    23 March, 2012

    49 years old, returning from surgery,  fighting against all odds with the blue-collar spirit of his home city.  No, this isn’t the plot to Rocky V,  this is the story of Philadelphia’s other hometown sports legend, Jamie Moyer.  The former World Champion Phillie continues to make his city proud.

    Although he’s doing it for the Rockies (a team that did not even exist when he made his MLB debut back in 1986), we can’t help but root for Moyer.  Perhaps no other athlete has embodied the spirit of Philadelphia the way that he has.  Moyer has achieved nearly every accolade a pitcher can, including  a World Series ring with his hometown ball club, but still he continues to fight on.  If he had called it quits after his contract with the Phillies expired, he would have surely been a Hall of Famer, but it seems that there is much more that drives Jamie Moyer.

    Today, no different than 30 years ago while pitching at St. Joseph’s University, Moyer succeeds because of his wit, willpower and determination.  Throughout his career the MLB’s all-time leader in home runs allowed has followed a bumpy path, but has always found a way to succeed.  The World Series Champ and Major League All-Star has earned the respect of just about every player he has ever played with or against.  It is his courageous, yet humble, attitude that makes Jamie Moyer a hero to Philavania and we will stand behind him no matter what color jersey he wears.


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  • Why Not One, but Two Sixers Should Be Heading to the NBA All-Star Game

    8 February, 2012

    This week the NBA All-Star reserve roster will be determined by a coaches vote.  Starters for the 2012 All-Star Game in Orlando were elected by the fans.  As of now, the Atlantic Division leading Philadelphia 76ers will not be represented in this game.  Although the team has shown astounding capabilities this season, with a record of 18-7 and recent victories over the Lakers, Bulls and Hawks, no player on the team is believed to be a shoe-in candidate for the All-Star roster.

    Although the NBA All Star Game is nothing to get overly exasperated about, it would be rather insulting not to see at least one Sixer on the court at this years game.  The Sixers have put forth an extraordinary showing thus far and have proven to be one of the most talented young rosters out there.

    Unfortunately, the team’s musketeer (all-for-one and one-for-all) playing style does not showcase their individual talents in the box score.  Night in and night out, we see different names atop the scoring charts.  With that said, two players have consistently shown that they are more than deserving to be elected to this years’ All-Star Game.  The two longest tenured Sixers, Andre Iguodala and Lou Williams have performed at such a level of play this year that both have earned the right to spend their mid-season vacation in Orlando.

    Iguodala will likely be the best shot the Sixers have representing the team in this years All-Star match up.   He has never been elected to the game itself during his career, although he was the MVP of the Rookie Challenge back in 2006.  This year, Iggy has not only remained the leader of this young squad, but he has answered the cries of Philadelphia fans and stepped his game to a new level.  He does not rank as an elite scorer, but it is Iguodala’s all-round player which makes him the star he is.  One of the top defenders in the league, he also averages 6.6 rebounds per game, 5.2 assists per game along with nearly 2.0 assists per game.  Iguodala’s biggest asset is his knack for taking the game into his own hands when the time calls.

    Along with Iguodala, Lou Williams has also proven his right to play in this years’ All-Star Game.  Coming off the bench and averaging just 25 minutes a game, Williams is the team’s leading scorer 15.5 points per game.  Lou has become a fearless scorer in times when the team need him most.  Making shots from all over the court, as Williams has heated up this season the Sixers have followed.

    In all honesty, the NBA All-Star Game is not that important in the grand scheme of the season.  It’s really just a night for the league’s top players to goof-around, have fun and make some incredible highlight-reel dunks.  The only real significance is that the game celebrates the chosen players for their astounding efforts and performance.  As the Sixers have gone above and beyond anyone’s expectations this year, it’s only right that at least on, if not two, are paid some respect.  Let’s hope the coaches get this years vote right and send this city’s beloved standouts Andre Iguodala and Lou Williams to Orlando.





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  • Flyers’ Goalie Dilemna is a Win Win Situation

    14 January, 2012

    As of late, Flyers’ goalie Sergei Bobrovsky has made his bid that he deserves to be the starter for this team.  Thursday night’s victory was truly a statement win for Bob as he completely shut down the New York Islanders.  It was not the first strong performance for Bobrovsky as he has shown consistent play at a spectacular level over a long stretch of opportunities.  While there had been plenty of debate over who Peter Laviolette should go with in net, it is now clear that Bobrovsky has the hot hand over Ilya Bryzgalov and would be the right choice to start right now.

    With that being said, let’s not count out Bryz.  It may be extremely wise for Coach Laviolette to keep platooning his goaltenders.

    The NHL Playoffs are arguably the most demanding and exhausting tournament in all of sports. The 82 game regular season is tough enough, topping it off with the possibility of another 28 games for a playoff run is insanity. It takes a lot out of players, most especially goalies, to fight injury and fatigue in order to maintain a high level of play.

    By platooning his goaltenders, Laviolette  should be able to keep both healthy and rather well rested for a playoff run.  Whether it’s Bobrovsky remaining hot through April or Bryzgalov who turns his play around, both these guys should be ready to go come playoff time.  Let’s face it, a hot goaltender will make or break a team’s chances in the NHL Playoffs.

    Just take a look back at successful teams from recent memory that have utilized this strategy.  Last year saw the Boston Bruins ride on the superhuman play of their netminder, Tim Thomas, to win the Stanley Cup.  During the regular season, Thomas split off the work load to his backup Tuukka Rask for 29 games

    Or how about the 201o Stanley Cup run by the Flyers?  A similar situation of goaltenders splitting time.  Most of the miracle-making late season effort was shared between Brian Boucher and rookie Michael Leighton.  Leighton was not even called up until December, after both Boucher and Ray Emery were scratched out with injuries.

    The NHL season and playoffs are brutal and demanding.  Obviously, Sergei Bobrovsky will put the Flyers in the best position to win right now, but let’s not completely erase Illya Bryzgalov as an asset to the Flyers’ winning equation.  Hopefully, Peter Laviolette will keep Bob going long as the wins follow, but it wouldn’t do harm to keep Bryzgalov’s name in the lineup frequently.  Down the road, you never know which goaltender will heat up.  Keeping both active for the time being may pay off huge dividends come playoff time.



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  • Beasts of the East…Bring ‘Em On!

    7 January, 2012

    Okay, okay it’s very early in the season to get overly excited about the upstart Sixers…but guess what!?!?  We ‘re  very excited about our Sixers!!!!  Coming into 2012 there has been plenty of optimism buzzing around the potential of this team, and rightfully so.  With young talent from top to bottom and faith in coach, Doug Collins, there is reason for high expectations and in their first six games the Sixers have exceeded those expectations.

    The NBA is plagued with superstar-based rosters.  Teams like the Heat, Knicks, Celtics, Lakers, and Bulls are centered around their big shot, big  money names.  What is so exciting about this Sixers squad is the spread of talent.  Andre Iguodala is no longer the team’s only threat.  In fact, Iguodala, who leads the team in assists, is leaving most of the scoring up to his teammates.

    Spencer Hawes is quickly making a name for himself.  With a double-double in last night’s victory over the Detroit Pistons, Hawes is filling the big-man void that this team has felt for years.  The current NBA leader in FG%, Hawes is not only putting in buckets offensively, but accounting for the offensive and defensive rebounds that this team needs.  His physical play and hustle has him given reason to become a fan favorite.

    As for the other offensive threats, we had been waiting on starting shooting guard Jodie Meeks to rack up some points.  He did just that as he heated up for 21 points to help lead the Sixers’ surge last night. Young leader, Jrue Holiday has shown consistent production with a crisp 17.0 points per game to mix in plenty of timely assists.

    The Sixers show just as many threats off the bench.  Lou Williams, Thaddeus Young and Evan Turner combined for 39 points last night.  Williams leads the team averaging 18.2 points per game to combine with the duo of Young and Turner putting up 20+ on average.  The scorers are all over the court at every minute of the game.  This will play to the Sixers’ advantage as the NBA’s condensed schedule in 2012 will have teams grinding through a demanding, action packed season.

    To tag along with this explosive offense is Coach Collins’ emphasis on defense.  Since blowing a 14 point lead against the Utah Jazz, Collins has drawn the team’s focus towards defense.  After that loss, the Sixers have locked down, holding their opponents to an average of 81.6 points per game.  Spencer Hawes is now among league leaders in blocks per game while Iguodala leads the team in the steals department.

    It’s about time to wake up and recognize this team.  The future for this team is no longer tomorrow, it is now.  The Sixers will contend this year in the Eastern Conference and that is a guarantee.  True, this team is young, but they are hungry for success and ready to make this city proud.   


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  • The Flyers’ Universe

    5 January, 2012

    As we come up on the midway point of the 2011-2012 Flyers season, the team is yet again an elite contender for the Stanley Cup.  Yet, as in years past, the same question remains for concern.  Who will start between the pipes? 

    While Ilya Bryzgalov was the big budget off-season acquisition that the Flyers had hoped would put them over the top, he hasn’t played up to standards.  Other than his quirky and outrageous comments on The Universe and his dog looking like a “hot blonde” Bryzgalov has been quite the disappointment for Flyers fans.

    What has been most disappointing about Bryz this season has been his attitude.  It’s not just the 3.01 GAA or the 88.9% save percentage that is disheartening about the goaltender, but the leisure attitude that remains when he jokes around with the media.

    Now, it is understood that all players play with different mentalities (obviously Bryzgalov’s is one which is out of this world).  Every player plays best at a different level of intensity.

    With that  being said, listening to Bryz’s foolish jokes about the Winter Classic benching was upsetting.  When a player is making $5.66 million a season, they should show some concern when finding themself sitting on the bench for the biggest game of the year.  Especially, when playing in a town as passionate about their sports as Philadelphia.

    Fortunately, Sergei Bobrovsky has continued to show outstanding work ethic and promise.  Although he is not a superstar, he is doing everything that he can to fill his role for the Flyers.  Coach Laviolette appreciates and responds to players willing to work.  Obviously, this statement was made when naming Bob the starter for the Winter Classic.

    Hopefully, this was a serious wake-up call for Bryzgalov.  We should remain optimistic that a turnaround for Bryz in the second half will help the Flyers in their run for the Cup.  Jokes are good fun, when the team is winning.   Let’s hope that Bryz will downsize his thoughts on the Universe and emphasize more focus on stopping pucks.  If he can do that, we’re in for a heck of a finale to the Flyers’ 2012 campaign.


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  • 6 Reasons We Are Pumped About the Sixers!!!

    26 December, 2011

    We know that the past few years have not been much to brag about for this franchise, but times they are a changin’.  If you’ve been out of the loop lately, this young team is really beginning to develop and here are 6 reasons why we are PSYCHED for the future of the Sixers:

     1.  Coach Doug Collins – The Sixers current hoops coach, Doug Collins, is quickly showing that he is the right man for the job.  In his first full season, he coached a very young squad to a quarterfinals run against the Eastern Conference Champion Miami Heat.  After an elongated offseason due to the NBA strike, Collins feels he has his team even better prepared for the 2012 campaign.  He has this young core group of talent buying in.  In nearly every interview we hear Sixers players boasting with confidence in their coach and in their team.  Clearly, the players are buying into this guy and fans should too!

    2.  Jrue Holiday - You could call Jrue Holiday the “J-Roll” of the Sixers franchise.  First and foremost, “J-Hol” is calling for a deeper Sixers playoff run, along with an All-Star season for himself, and even Olympic aspirations down the road.  The 21 year-old KID completed his first NBA Season playing in each of the teams 82 games, averaging 14.0 points a game, along with 6.5 assists and 4.0 rebounds.  Coaches are calling him the most improved player coming into 2012 and sportswriters everywhere think he will be the new leader of this team.

    3.  Youth - Evan Turner, Spencer Hawes, and Jodie Meeks are just a few members of the young, talented club that the Sixers will showcase this year.  Turner, the Sixers’ No. 2 pick in the 2010 Draft had a very respectable rookie season, but after working on his jump shot with local coacing legend Herb Magee this off-season, Turner is more than confident for an even better season to come.  Hawes, who will start at center, has come into the 2012 season in much improved shaped and with promise to take on that “big-man” role the Sixers desperately need.  Meeks will likey start at shooting guard and can be a lethal 3-point threat for Sixers. 

    4. LOUUUUUU - Lou Williams has become a fan favorite in his stint with the Sixers.  Not only is this guy knocking down beats with local rap sensation Meek Mill (Hip-Hop loving Philavanians should check out some of Lou’s awesome raps if you haven’t already) but this kid will be knocking down 3’s on the court as well.  One of the Sixers’ top scorers, Lou will likely be coming off the bench for the Sixers, but with more talent to spread the floor, look for Williams to find more scoring opportunities and rack up more points this season than ever before.

    5.  Depth - In a league centered around big name starters (eg. Heat, Lakers, Celtics, Clippers, Bulls) this team has a strength that many of those squads don’t possess.  From top to bottom the Sixers have one of the deepest rosters in the league.  Something they will greatly benefit from with the compacted 2012 NBA schedule which will often times have them playing 4 games a week.  Teams around the league that are more dependent on a star-centered lineup are very concerned that they won’t be able to last, but Coach Doug Collins is more than confident that his deep roster of young and motivated talent will be at full-go game in and game out.

    6. Attitude – Just listening to the players talk, this team has an attitude that you have to love.  Each and every one of these guys is fully committed to the success of the TEAM.  The NBA is a league polluted with star-centered culture where its more about the name on the back of the jersey than on the front, but this Sixers team is different.  These kids have a serious chip on their shoulder.  They’ve bought into their coach, they know they lack big-name stars, they know that there are plenty of skeptics, but this team is hungry. 

    Hey wait a sec….doesn’t that make this team a perfect fit for this city????  The underdog, Rocky Balboa attitude that Philadelphia absolutely loves!!!  Like Philadelphia, this team ain’t about the bright-light superstars (eg. New York Knicks) or Hollywood big shots (eg. Lakers and Clippers).  Nope, this team is about blue-collar attitude and commitment.  These kids claim that they have outworked any other team this off-season and now they’ve got a point to prove.  Now let’s support our Sixers as they go out there and prove it!

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  • Ain’t Giving Up on J-Roll

    5 December, 2011

    Plenty of speculations surround the Phillies’ decision on what to do at the shortstop position this off-season.  With Jimmy Rollins on the declining end of his career many would justify letting him go, but Rollins means a heck of a lot more to this team than statistics can show.  He has been the core leader of this squad for what has arguably been the most successful decade in Phillies history.

    Although, no one could argue that he is the MVP caliber player he once was; his numbers from the 2011 campaign were not to shabby.  Along with consistently remaining one of the top defensive shortstops in the league, he stole 30 bases, clocked 16 homers and scored 87 runs.  Oh yeah, and don’t blame the guy with a .450 Batting Average in the playoffs for the disappointing end to the Phils’ run.

    But Jimmy Rollins means more to this team than statistics can prove.

    Call him crazy for some of the outrageous remarks that he’s made in his career, but those fiery statements ignited the triumphant direction that this franchise has taken on.  J-Roll inspired this ball club’s winning mentality with his leadership, confidence and swagger.  Over the past decade Rollins has helped take the Phillies out of mediocrity and into elite contention.  These intangible aspects are not to be overlooked.

    Then again, the Phils could let Rollins go.  They could call up Freddy Galvis or go out and sign Rafael Furcal or Alex Gonzalez and statistically, it may just work.  One of these younger options may put up equal or slightly better numbers, but what about that leadership?  Who will that come from?  Who is going to be the guy who gets the team going?  Who has the guts to look his teammates in the eyes and demand their very best?

    Baseball is a game constantly over analyzed by geeky statisticians.  Sometimes they’re right, often times they’re wrong.  I’d prefer that the Phillies follow their gut on this decision.  If the Phillies plan on winning another World Series while they have the chance, my gut tells me that Jimmy Rollins will be in red pinstripes come Opening Day 2012.


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