Bring It Back

Plenty of excitement has riled up recently surrounding the return of to Kelly Green uniforms.  The timing is perfect, with Chip Kelly now at the helm and a team desperate for rejuvenation, this team needs SOMETHING to reignite the diehard passion of this city.   Though it may seem silly, just a color scheme on a helmet, Kelly Green means just a bit more to us.

Kelly Green is nostalgia, it’s the memories we’ve held onto since our childhood.  It’s that Randall Cunningham jersey we’ve left hanging in our closet since we were 12 years old.  The one we wore to our first game at the Vet, during  our first E-A-G-L-E-S chant in the nosebleed seats and even during our first fight with a scumbag Cowgirls fan.  It’s the color of posters on our bedroom walls, the ridiculous sweater and Zubaz pants our fathers dawned on game day.  It’s a bright color, full of hope and pride, maybe obnoxious to some NFL fans, but perfect in our eyes.

It’s the legacy of the “Gang Green” Defense.  The memories of Reggie White, Jerome Brown and Andre Waters.

It’s Philadelphia.

We love our city, we love our Birds, we love Kelly Green.

It’s our color, bring it back.