Our Hero….

49 years old, returning from surgery,  fighting against all odds with the blue-collar spirit of his home city.  No, this isn’t the plot to Rocky V,  this is the story of Philadelphia’s other hometown sports legend, Jamie Moyer.  The former World Champion Phillie continues to make his city proud.

Although he’s doing it for the Rockies (a team that did not even exist when he made his MLB debut back in 1986), we can’t help but root for Moyer.  Perhaps no other athlete has embodied the spirit of Philadelphia the way that he has.  Moyer has achieved nearly every accolade a pitcher can, including  a World Series ring with his hometown ball club, but still he continues to fight on.  If he had called it quits after his contract with the Phillies expired, he would have surely been a Hall of Famer, but it seems that there is much more that drives Jamie Moyer.

Today, no different than 30 years ago while pitching at St. Joseph’s University, Moyer succeeds because of his wit, willpower and determination.  Throughout his career the MLB’s all-time leader in home runs allowed has followed a bumpy path, but has always found a way to succeed.  The World Series Champ and Major League All-Star has earned the respect of just about every player he has ever played with or against.  It is his courageous, yet humble, attitude that makes Jamie Moyer a hero to Philavania and we will stand behind him no matter what color jersey he wears.