Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that I can squeeze a raw egg in my hand as hard as I can and it won't break?

It is true. And kindof amazing. Hold the egg in your palm and squeeze it like you're trying to make a fist--just don't jam the ends of your fingers into it. It works because you're exerting an even amount of pressure all around the egg, so it can't crack. Go ahead, give it a try!

Who was your favorite Eagle?

Jerome Brown.

What about Andre Waters?

He's in the top 5 for sure. Our dream is to make a jersey that's half Brian Dawkins and half Andre Waters (2 x #20 = #40?.) It would say "WATKINS" on the back. 50% kelly green, 50% midnight green. Email us if you want one, maybe we'll make a bunch.

Why are your shirts so expensive?

We don't think they're expensive, but they're not as cheap as some t-shirts out there. Why not? Because they're awesome, and because they're 100% MADE IN PENNSYLVANIA.


Really. Check it out.

Why doesn't anybody like the Sixers anymore?

You know man, I don't really understand it either. They had a great season--lost Brand and still made the playoffs. The last game was brutal, but they're a lot of fun. Give them a chance next year.

Are any of these questions actually useful?

Sure they are. That first one is like the coolest party trick ever.

What's the best song ever recorded in the entire universe?

This one.