Are Your Shirts Really Made in Pennsylvania?

The short answer:

Yes, most of them are!

The long answer:

At Philavania, we're big fans of keeping things local (as you can probably tell). That's why we do everything we can to use shirts that are manufactured and printed not only in the USA but in the great state of Pennsylvania. The blank shirts for most of our designs are actually made in Allentown. In addition, we do ALL of our printing in Philadelphia, right near Frankford and Allegheny. From time to time, depending on size, color, and availability, we have to use blank shirts from overseas manufacturers, but we still make sure they're great quality and they're something you'll be happy wearing. If you have a question about a specific design or size just shoot us an email and we'll give you the details.

Why aren't your shirts cheaper?

Good question. A lot of people think t-shirts should cost five bucks. We know this because we've sold them out of a backpack down at the Vet, and this seems to be what people think they should pay for crappy concert tees.

Here's the thing: if you're paying $5 for a t-shirt, it's definitely being made overseas, and it's almost definitely being made in a place that you would not want anyone in your family to work. Also, it's going to be crappy.

At Philavania, we're doing our best to support the local economy with a business that makes sense for everybody, including us, our suppliers, and their employees. This means we pay more for our blank t-shirts than people who buy them from China (nothing against China, we're sure it's really nice).

This means our shirts sometimes cost a little bit more. But the benefits of this are many: you can wear your shirt with pride knowing it's locally made. You can also be sure that the quality is fantastic--we love the t-shirts we print on, and we stand by their quality.